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  HeavyMetalDivers makes deep sea diving helmets and associated equipment.  We have been in operation since 2006 making the worlds best diving helmets made of bronze. 

  HeavyMetalDivers came into existence shortly after the passing of Ben Miller RIP.  The Gladiator diving helmet initially was going to be marketed thru Miller Diving.  After Ben Miller passed away and his company was sold HeavyMetalDivers began operation.

  Martin Morris - HVAC tech, diver, supervisor, superintendent - is the creator of the Gladiator diving helmet and owner of HeavyMetalDivers.  The first helmets made were custom hats and prototypes for the Gladiator molds.  All were working helmets and sold to commercial divers onsite.  Field testing was extensive and the first test dive for a Gladiator was to 273' on a working dive in the Gulf of Mexico.  Every feature on the Gladiator is intended to be an improvement on the existing plastic helmets commonly in use today. 

  HeavyMetalDivers goal is to provide the very best, safest, most comfortable diving helmet possible.

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