Now producing the Gen-6 Gladiator Diving Helmet

  The Gen-6 Gladiator diving helmet has been cast from a new mold.  HeavyMetalDivers has taken a giant step to create a new model.  The Gen-4 was the last of the helmets made using the sand casting method.  The Gen-5 was made by the investment casting method.  The number of Gen-5 helmets was low due to the mold being damaged.  At this point we decided to have the Gen-4 helmet lazer scanned to create a digital CAD file.  This file was edited to incorporate changes to neckdam size and helmet positioning attitude along with a few minor changes.  As always the helmet is made of cast silicone bronze.  Balance and comfort is the finest.  Communications are crystal clear.  The Poseidon Xstream demand regulator we use is the easiest breathing, best performing, and simplest to maintain.

Gen-6n Gladiator diving helmet  -  $7750.00

Gen-6a Gladiator diving helmet  -  $7500.00

$325.00 plus shipping 
Price may vary according to options
Large Tool / 4 functions - Dive Knife, Hammer, Weight, & Gong Signaler
Small Tool / 3 function dive knife, hammer, & weight
$250.00 plus shipping   
Price may vary according to options